Pomegranate Preserve or Jelly.
Also Hot Pepper Preserve or Jelly

Open Pomegranate The Pomegranate is sometimes referred to as the "fruit of paradise" for good reasons. Inside the Pomegranate leathery reddish-pink skin is a fruit packed with hundreds of glistening ruby-red arils. The translucent capsules are filled with a sweet, tart juice and an edible seed.

The pomegranate can be sliced open and eaten straight from the fruit. It has now become a popular ingredient for mixed drinks, ice cream, bottle water and jams or jellys.

Cynthia's Pomegranate Preserves is a great way to start your day with a healthy great tasting fruit.

Just go to the order page and select your jam or jelly made from fresh Pomegranate. If you haven't tried her jam or jelly with fresh peppers added, then you are missing a treat.

Pomegranate preserves
Pomegranate jelly
Pomegranate fruit
Pomegranate fruit open
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All of these pomegranate preserves are made on the Eastern Shore of Virginia. Cynthia's husband grows the hot peppers in his garden and she uses them to give her jams and jellies that extra little "kick".

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